Most people have a fear of something. It is just fine to have a fear of something, but don’t let it stop you from enjoying and doing things. The great thing about fears is that you can overcome them, if you try. Now, if your friends are trying to talk you into doing something dangerous, where someone might get hurt, don’t do it. I know peer pressure is  hard, especially if people are calling you a wimp, and saying that you are too scared to do it. But, if they are saying things like that, then they aren’t really your friends. Just use common sense, if it’s something where you or someone else may get hurt, then don’t do it, but if it’s something fun, or something that is going to get you over a fear, then by all means, try it.

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Never Perfect

Anyone can be  a really great person, but no one is ever perfect. Perfect could mean being valedictorian or not having a clue about what’s going on. The most important thing is to be nice to other people. There is a difference between trying to improve certain things about yourself and trying to be perfect. Everyone is perfect in their own way but everyone can improve themselves. People strive to be perfect so much that they can’t see what’s already great about themselves. I think that being able to see what is great about yourself is very important. Focus on the great not the bad.

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Practice Makes Perfect

So, you know how I talked about how the public only sees the famous people and how great their lives are and not how much they worked to get there? They got to where they are because of practice. The phrase, “practice makes perfect,” is true in some ways and not true is other ways. You will only get better at things if you practice, but no one is ever perfect. No matter what. Even the pro’s can improve at what they do, but you have to be dedicated to something and really love it if you are going to get anywhere. Practice can make you amazing at hat you do, but you will never be perfect, no one will ever be perfect.

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Acceptance is a complicated thing. At school, a lot of kids want to be accepted into a group of kids, and they want to be liked. That isn’t a good thing, letting whether or not others like you determine if your happy or how good you feel about yourself. You should always feel good about yourself, no matter what others think. Now, getting accepted into things can also mean you applied for something, like college, and were accepted to it. It is sad if you don’t get accepted for something like that, but that doesn’t mean you are worthless, the same rules apply if it were a group of kids, don’t let other make you think less of yourself, but for something like college, find out why you weren’t accepted, and improve yourself. There is a big difference between improving yourself and thinking less of yourself.

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A Heart In The Right Place

Have you ever heard the expression, “their heart is in the right place?” It means that a lot of nice things a person tries to do don’t come across as nice or thoughtful, but their heart is in the right place with what their trying to do. I have that with one of my friends, a lot of times she can be kind of mean to me, but when it really counts, she is there for me. Sometimes it is hard when she is mean, but I always have to remember that she is a very good friend to me. Also, that we have been friends for a really long time. I know there are things that she doesn’t like about me, and things I don’t like about her,so, in the end it balances out. The same goes for everyone in the world, people wont like something about you and you won’t like things about other people, no is perfect. Though, you can’t let one small thing ruin a friendship, I get it if that person does a lot of mean things, and that has happened to me, but somethings you just have to overlook, if you what to have friends. NO ONE IS PERFECT!!

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Do What You Do The Worst

I know that sounds odd, it’s very frustrating to do something your bad at (It’s also embarrassing to mess up in front of your friends.) Though, if you practice things you aren’t good at, you will get better at them, and then show off to your friends. How do you think Michael Jordan got so good? Did he just wake up one day and was playing for the NBA? No. He practiced, he practiced the things he was good at, and more importantly, practiced the things he wasn’t good at and learned to be great at both. That rule goes for everyone. The things I’m learning at my basketball camp are really hard, and sometimes I will get frustrated when I can’t get something, but I just keep trying, I get it after awhile. Everyone who is successful was on a really long and hard road, so they can be where they are. The people just see what a great life they have, but no one sees the that work and time that goes into being where they are. They never gave up, and if you want something bad enough, you have to work for it, even when you don’t want to. So, remember to practice the things you are good at, AND practice the things you aren’t good at even more. Also, you can’t be successful without a lot of work. REMEMBER the song “Just Keep Swimming” -by dory the fish.

For Fun? Or Not?

I have found a lot of things I like to do, but that isn’t the case for everyone. For some people going out and doing things is an every day chore, but that’s because they are doing things that they don’t enjoy. Summertime is the time when you are supposed to enjoy yourself, and if staying inside, doing nothing for two months makes you happy, then that’s what makes you happy. My mom always wants me to be outside doing things, so I try to find things I like to do. I doesn’t even have to be a sport, it can be a club you join for anything, to meet new people and maybe make some new friends, and that is most important.

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